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These sessions explore the cultural shifts and realignments that have been happening over the course of the last year, including the dominance of artificial intelligence.

Welcome to Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Meeting Spaces

Artificial intelligence (AI) is already widely used in daily communication, but despite concerns about AI’s adverse effects on society, the social consequences of using it to communicate remain largely unexplored. AI is used in meeting spaces today. How is this new technology in use, and what is the impact?

AI-Driven Hospitality in the Modern Workplace

Many of the challenges of yesterday’s workplace were hard to solve at scale, as satisfying individual needs and maximizing positive outcomes simply required too high of a cost in analysis and coordination. Looking forward to tomorrow’s modern workplace, how can we think about these challenges again, and consider how modern AI capabilities can help us use technical capabilities to simultaneously make our buildings more efficient and our users more productive?

Reinvention of the Modern Office

The global pandemic brought our attendance in the office to an abrupt halt and triggered a complete re-evaluation of the purpose of the workplace. With the return to the new normal, what does the workplace look like? Who is coming back and why? What are the new goals for the modern office?

Redefining Workplace Collaboration: Strategies for a Hybrid Era

Dive into the challenges of hybrid work through the lens of the '3 W's framework: Workforce, Workplace, and Workflows. Through a blend of data insights, innovative strategies, and practical steps, this session aims to inspire and enable partners and their clients to navigate the complexities of modern workplace collaboration effectively.

Employee Experience: Beyond Hybrid Work

Organizations must rethink how to face the new challenges that hybrid work brings considering that there are no magic wands or universal solutions. A new operating model should be considered with at least three dimensions: people, processes, and places. To design and implement the right operating model for every organization and every role, culture and technology must go together, providing a holistic approach to enable and optimize employee experience in the hybrid work environment.

During this session we will go through Microsoft’s approach and technology solutions that focus on these challenges related to hybrid work, employee experience, and space transformation.

Meeting Spaces for Today and Tomorrow

The workplace has changed significantly over recent years — where technology was a luxury, it is now a necessity. Hybrid is now mainstream and widely adopted; the right strategies and collaboration technologies will need to be implemented for the evolving modern workplace. Throughout this session, we will explore the new challenges employers and employees face when striving for a more efficient, effective, and inclusive workplace.

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